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In cooperation with highly specialized partners in the field of endoscopy, ef-mt designs, manufactures, distributes and repairs a wide range of MIS equipment.  These products and services support the medical fields of:

  • Arthroscopy,
  • Bronchoscopy,
  • Colonscopy,
  • ENT,
  • Hysteroscopy,
  • Gastroscopy,
  • Laparoscopy, and
  • Thoracoscopy.

Ef-mt also provides accessories and all needed instruments for these medical fields.

Our products and components are entirely German made.  They all satisfy the requirements of ISO DIN EN 13485 and CE 93/42 CEE.

During the design and development we pay attention to the satisfaction of the end user such as safety, ergonomics, resistance and durability.  Our products high quality, ease of handling, and competitive prices easily surpass the expectations of our clients.

Ef-mt will also customize designs to meet customers preferences and needs.

All products are available as a single unit and as an entire set.



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