Complete system

Complete System

ef-mt Vision compact 150H X-D

A combination of proven technology and innovative development are the basis of the outstanding quality of the ef-mt video endoscope systems. Ef-mt medical devices are designed and manufactured to meet the demand of modern medicine for technology that enables successful diagnosis and treatment. Among the many advantages of the products that use ef-medical technic technology are economy in purchase and operation and a comprehensive customer oriented service.

ef-mt CCD Technology

With its outstanding multiple wide-angle lens with a 140° image width combined with the sensitive CCD chip even the smallest signs can be clearly detected in the high-resolution video images. Two fibre-optic cables efficiently illuminate the complete examination fi eld. Overexposures can be edited out with the Windows key on the control panel. You can switch from motion images to stills at the press of a button. Still images are saved for later evaluation.

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